Monday, 3 October 2011

Welcome To The Lucid Nerd

I would like to welcome you to The Lucid Nerd – Technology For Everyone, a blog dedicated to providing well produced easy to follow how-to guides that will cover a variety of areas in the fields of computers and business.

The blog's main focus will be to produce how-to tutorials for beginners covering such things as web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, MySQL etc.), how to use social networking for your business (Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc.), computer programming (Java, Python, Ruby, C), computer security and networking.

As you can see I'm a bit of a computer nerd but this was not always the case. I have only found my love for technology within the last two years, so I am still learning a lot of this stuff myself. The reason that I'm starting this business and writing this blog is that I want to provide the best beginner how-to tutorials with the minimum of technical jargon and all the small details explained and there's no better time to do this than when you have just learned yourself, realising how many small but necessary things for beginners are left out of many tutorials.

As well as a blog, I am also starting The Lucid Nerd as a business. Over the coming years I aim to build an online training web site that will offer excellent tutorials, covering topics from computer software training to digital photography, all targeted at the absolute beginner, so with each tutorial you complete you will have the knowledge to advance to the next level in the series.

Through my blog I will also share my story of starting The Lucid Nerd and running this as a new business. I will including all the little things that I learn along the way from numerous books, blogs and other sources with the hope that if it worked for me it can work for you too. So, if you are not that interested in technology, there may still be something of interest to you if you yourself are setting up or running a business.

I wish all of you the greatest of luck in your own ventures and I hope my blog turns out to be helpful to you in the way I envision it to be, I would love to hear your stories and comments along the way.

Your friend,
Marc Kennedy, The Lucid Nerd